Networking is Fun, Up close is WORK! πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ’»πŸ”₯

All my years of being in the blogging and entertainment industry, I've had the chance to come across some amazing people. From music, to poetry, to dance, to just personal life inspirations. I've studied people and things I was into before coming into contact with that person or talent. Finally seeing it all constantly float... Continue Reading →

Stay #Active with koytoocool/toocoolpromotions.

Everybody want him to host a party, he can't walk through ya party without getting someone's attention, he's ACTIVE. Been in the game, he knee deep, Koytoocool is you're favorite promoter, I'm the one to tell you how it all went down. He's had females dancing as if they were in a video shoot when... Continue Reading →

Toocoolpromotions with koytoocool . #active πŸš¨

Anytime issa party, who is on ya flyer? Koytoocool. It’s always a vibe. The party starts and ends when he leaves. Each event I’ve shown my face at, we live the dream baby! It's so much more to life than just arguing and not caring for one another. Let's all party, let's all have fun,... Continue Reading →

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