Stay #Active with koytoocool/toocoolpromotions.

Everybody want him to host a party, he can’t walk through ya party without getting someone’s attention, he’s ACTIVE. Been in the game, he knee deep, Koytoocool is you’re favorite promoter, I’m the one to tell you how it all went down. He’s had females dancing as if they were in a video shoot when it was just a backyard cookout, streets full, and attention from those who thought this shit was a game. Now it’s his turn to party PARTY, and when I say ya’ll all better be ACTIVE as fuck, It’s gonna be a fucking movie. You can catch him in Express Sports Bar, your cookout, and you’re brother’s party, but JUNE 7TH it all goes down at The Dolce located on 17 broadst, Elizabeth, NJ. Issa Koytoocool event, and this time it ain’t yours, it’s HIS birthday. So when I say POP OUT, POP OUT, and make sure you wish him a Happy Birthday! Get there early cuz it GETS LIT! Music given to you by DJ Reef, TNTDADJ, DJ Jswim, and DJ Bmoney, different styles, all VIBEZ. Okay let’s do it *Lil wayne voice*.

( Jessica Hunter )

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