The Collection Vol IV-Styles Savage 🔥🏆

Meeting Styles Savage was an eye opener. Someone who is truly about their business and will go above and beyond to complete that mission. I love when I call an Artist, Dj, Producer, Rapper/Singer, and they’re in the studio. It’s amazing, and in my eyes it gives me the strength to go forward. Where was... Continue Reading →

Drip, Sauce 🔥

When I say Comma you say Gz, ready? ME: 🗣COMMA YOU: 🗣GZ 🎤.. on everyfuckingthing nigga. He ain't waiting on nobody and never was "Gone," he took time to reflect upon himself not only musically, but personally and he's coming back harder. 5 days ago releasing "Drip, Sauce" via Soundcloud, yet ya'' still singing "... Continue Reading →

“Kayron & You” 🎤🎬

Expressing himself through sound, ya'll honestly know I love this one. I love the honesty behind someone's ambition and distinct motive. Kayron allows you to hear what he's been through, through his music. With the comparison of Chris Brown and August Alsina is definitely amazing, why? Because he does resemble them, but with his own... Continue Reading →

Issa Crazy Story With SantanaDaG 😎

I like to stay in tuned with all my favorite talents and friends. Real life shit being spoken about through lyrics. They ain’t just written and rehearsed, it’s what’s felt off the mind, off the hurt, what we’ve seen and been through. Coming up in my age was violence left and right, you had to... Continue Reading →

Blaqwall Studios, ISSA VIBE!

So this past Saturday I had a blast in celebration of Risco's level up. From Capitol Soundz to Blaqwall is amazing. I've had the pleasure of working with him already so I know what he's about. I love his feedback, he don't just take your money and put things together, he actually takes the time... Continue Reading →

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