Blaqwall Studios, ISSA VIBE!


So this past Saturday I had a blast in celebration of Risco’s level up. From Capitol Soundz to Blaqwall is amazing. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him already so I know what he’s about. I love his feedback, he don’t just take your money and put things together, he actually takes the time to listen and what he’s not feeling he’s gonna tell you with suggestions that make you know he’s down for you. Working with A previous artist, I’ve seen how deeply he takes his work, and that’s where we built our bond. I can’t describe to you how much I love the way he emphasizes progression, his mind is really into it. CONGRATS TO YOU!

Blaqwall Studios isn’t just a studio, they’ve got room for paint and sip, photo shoots, little gatherings, fitness classes and so much more. The best part about it all is the prices coincide with your pockets.  $100 for for 2 hours of recording time, and $180 for 4 hours, do you know what you can do in just that short period of time? During the grand opening we’ve had so much fun and I got to see a lot of talent. I’m very proud of my family and the team as an investment, everyone had welcoming arms, and we had a great time with so much talent and raffles on stage, we even went live with studio15, but that’s in the next convo, WELCOME TO BLAQWALL STUDIOS.

Look Below.

Thank-you Tamika, Jayson, & Risco !

( Jessica Hunter )

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