So I get up today and everything was on point. Coffee was made, laundry in process, but my du-rag slipped off last night. Gizmo sleeps right under me, and I got up looking for my du-rag to rap my head, and it was on his. LOL. For a beginner to create a webpage, the statistics look nice! Thanks for all the support and what not! Some of the stories I be writing, like that lil’ love story, had me interested in the next part my damn self. I actually sit and think about the parts of my stories before writing them, comparing them to what I’ve been through. If you see ya name in here, don’t take it personal LOL, I am just not a good name picker. BTW Big THANK YOU to God because just when I thought things were going left, we just made a u-turn to get back on track again. Giving ya’ll some work in a bit, stay tuned! Add my snap: insane_jess , twitter and ig in lower left hand corner, but how tf do ya’ll be finding me on facebook? LOL

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