I never really payed attention to the things in life, how it happens, and why. It’s amazing how what we go through not only makes us who we are, but affects us as a person during our personal lives. Ever payed attention to the person you are and why you are loved? Ever payed attention to your zodiac sign’s description? Me neither. Until life got hard emotionally. Why is it so hard to forget something that hurt you? Pain never leaves, how you think I got here? Turned that pain into something, and gained a lot more success. Hurt goes away when you stay focused. It’s when you’re alone that it hits you, but that’s just a test. Stay focused, stay busy, stay blessed, and that hurt will slowly disappear. I’ve been through some SHIT (excuse my french), and that’s how I am able to write the stories I write today, and that’s not even the half of it. Writing doesn’t have to be how you handle your pain, it’s just how I handle mine, but always remember you’re not alone. If you need someone, I’m here.

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