Great Morning!

Got up this morning in pain as if I had a seizure recently, body aching VERY bad, but I woke up this morning so thank you god. Being on a lot of medications daily is very stressful, as I tend to forget certain things through out the day, feel very tired, and sometimes very emotional. I got up this morning, and had my coffee, and now I’m on the roll. I was thinking of putting That Lil’ Love Story on it’s on page, and leaving the daily blogs all by itself, sometimes using videos to blog. A question and answer page, I would like to interact with my viewers a bit more instead of “That’s dope!” and “What’s next?”. So I think we’re gonna change this page around a bit, I would like to have everything together before I start work. Speaking of which, I’m not to happy to do so. These drugs make me TIRED excessively, but since the government want to play games, Imma play this game right back! I’m watching my cousin make a sandwhich and she actually used the end of the bread loaf, who does that? That’s whatchu call getting your money’s worth. LOL. As I’m typing, my manager just hit me back with a schedule, so let me get on this website! I’d love to hear ideas, and work with others interested in literature so feel free to contact me! See you in a bit!

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