So I was asked to bring two forms of id tomorrow and that’s what made me search for my wallet. I’m lookin’ through pants pockets, washer machines, and dryers, and could not seem to find it. Calling my boyfriend got him checking in the bed and under, and he couldn’t find it. I get home, drop my bag, and retrace all my outside steps up the street and around the corner and still NO WALLET! Warned all the crackheads that if they found it I’d give em a dollar, it ain’t have cash or atm cards in it anyway. Anywho, I got home, seen my mail on the table, picked it up to read it, and guess wtf was under my mail… MY DAMN WALLET! God is good, cause I thought I lost it, and was about to use my birth certificate as a form of id for work, LOL.

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m changing the page around to where the home page will be completely blogs and daily updates, and each story will have it’s own menu. That Lil’ Love Story is in it’s on tab, and I will continue to update it as I have been doing. Do tell ya homie ’bout this. *smirk face emoji*

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