Let Me Tell You!

Good Morning, I miss my mom! (header shot by Dj Bigz )

As I stated previously, work started yesterday, and I had to be up by 5:30 am. Regardless of how bad my medication took over my body, I still got up thinking that I was just doing a couple hour orientation (which I complained previously of them making me do every year), and that turned into working with a “lazy ass” coworker who made me do all the work damn near. This “lazy ass” coworker had surgery back in March, but if you are still feeling affects from that, then why are you working AT UPS? I have epilepsy, and I didn’t allow that to stop me, nor my medication. So I was kind of pissed because I was overly used, so me and my mans ain’t working together anymore. On top of that, I did not reach back home until 2:30 pm, tired? I was MUFFUCKIN’ TIAD! It’s the money that motivated me so much, but I don’t want to overwork myself or mess with my health.

Working for UPS (yearly), you experience a lot of new shit like the beautiful ass houses in these towns, and the pets that people keep in their yards. I seen a house in Fanwood that looked as though it should’ve been on MTV Cribs, the doorbell was a camera and the lady spoke back through that. What is there to be scared of in Fanwood ? Everything happens in Plainfield, EVERYTHING. Let one of us have that system on our doorbell, and it’s some how getting stolen and sold for drugs. It’s also a lot of land out there, walking up hills and mountains just to get to somebody’s house,  ups workers calf muscles strong as hell. That job all year round is not for me, sometimes you don’t get out ’til late at night, and barely get to see your family. How could you work like that? In fact, my mans that I was working with yesterday, his wife ended up cheating on him for not being able to spend time with him according to him. It was kinda fucked up because he was the stay at home dad at first and she was a secretary of some sort. But that’s none of my business. I have a huge setback though, so let me go update my stories and update ya’ll ..


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