You ever been so determined to get something done or to have something that nothing else matters? I can’t sit on my ass all day, and I can’t allow someone else to provide for me, I just don’t like it. I have to have my own money! Not supposed to be working, but the government keeps playing with my money, so I’m gonna play with them right on back. I don’t know how the hell I’m going to wake up at 6 something in the morning for a damn bus to a 4 hr orientation that I do every year. Speaking of not supposed to be working, I am finally starting my seizure story!! I have so many open projects because it’s always good to stay busy, plus I want to keep you guys on here everyday looking for more. Staying busy keeps your mind going, and not about things that you don’t want to think about.

Now, this weather has been on and off, but it’s finally fall and cold as heck! In some cases I regret being bald, like when I’m out and somebody mistakes me for a boy, when I actually look like a girl, or that morning I get up and ain’t no hair on my head and it’s cold as heck. On the bright side, I can just brush it and go instead of curling, braiding, sewing, and all that other mess. Speaking of fall, (header photo taken by Dj Bigz ), waking up and seeing colorful leaves is such an amazing view, I ain’t ready for no snow just yet, let me get a good wig first. If you haven’t already done so, That Lil’ Love Story is update, check it out! If you’ll excuse me, my baby brother just came home and is about to teach me how to play Raymond for the Xbox. (I prefer playstation consoles but whatever.)

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