I ain’t have my coffee this morning, y’all know that’s a regular for me. To be honest, I’Z MUFFUCKIN TIAD! I don’t know how I am wide awake this early, between medicine and lifting boxes for hours, I’m done. As I said before, working for a delivery company gives you the opportunity to see a lot of different things. Like yesterday I delivered to a Petco, and this lady had her dog chillin’ on a leash, who was literally twice as big as me. I’m sayin’, I had to look up to the dog. I’m puttin’ the boxes down and my mans came over and sniffed me and them boxes like whatchu’ got there? Excuse me, I almost shitted on myself, and I have dogs of my own, but that right there wasn’t no dog. The whole time this is going on, she casually scrolling on her phone. It’s like I always end up around the big dogs who cut up, luckily my mans was cool. I ain’t get his name, probably see him around. LMAO.

Thanksgiving is coming up! Ready for everybody to be all up in your business? This is probably the only time most of us see all of our family, or at least most of them together. When I say really cherish that, I mean it. “Here today, gone tomorrow”, is really real. Shit hurts, like hell. I don’t see how y’all go from house to house grabbin’ food, everybody doesn’t cook like home. Marshmallows do not belong in candied yams, they are already sweet enough. Give me the end of the mac and cheese where it’s slightly burned, and I want all white meat. After thanksgiving week, I don’t want to see no more thanksgiving food, I just want the desserts. Maybe this is my chance to gain all the weight I can!

Keep checking in today, gonna try and update a bit more!

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