Happy Thanksgiving! (Thought I posted it)


Doesn’t even feel like Thanksgiving, but I am thankful! Happy Thanksgiving to all. I purposely ate light yesterday just for this day, maybe now I can gain the weight I been looking for. I haven’t had my coffee in a few days, this is weird because it’s not what I’m used to. Coffee wakes me up in the morning FULLY, but today, the kids woke me up FULLY. I’ve been debating on breakfast for the longest because today is the day when your mom ain’t cook in a while, and grandma is about to help her!

Ever think you’re doing the right thing in life in general and then something comes along and messes that all up. It’s like where do you go from here? When you’ve been through and tried everything else in life, what’s next? How do you still have the strength to push forward? How do you walk away from what’s messing you up? Why can’t you? Why the food ain’t ain’t done yet? A lot of things that I’ve been through are all based off of those questions, it’s nice to know you’re not alone because some of y’all be wanting to post that you’re hungry in certain post but be trying to be all professional, nah, I’M HUNGRY! LOL! Nah, but seriously though. I believe that the things we go through are supposed to make us stronger, but if I go through something else, Imma be walking round looking muscular as heck. LOL!

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