Each morning I go outside and it’s starting to get colder and colder, but still no snow. I’ve always known the month of December to be the month of snow and here it is mid-day and sunny. Fellas timbs or acgs this year? I was dreaming something so vivid, yet can’t remember, don’t you hate that? Before getting out of bed each morning, I usually lay there for an extra five minutes. As I laid this morning, I heard that “Nothing can stop me, I’m all the way up,” commercial, along with my nephew singing it word for word so energized. The commercial played twice back to back and atleast five other times on different occasions. In the beginning, it was very cute, and then the commercial got annoying.

Yesterday I spoke of holiday decorations. There is a pumpkin sitting on my step that has been there since the beginning of November, and will probably stay there, so how about I add antlers to it for a little Christmas spirit? It really doesn’t feel as though christmas is near, honestly.

Black ink crew come back on tonight! One of my favorite reality shows!! The ones you make a way to watch even without cable, but I might be delivering boxes in the cold. I was prepared for this though, I recorded it, and I’m wrapped well for the day so HA! Keep updated!

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