Holiday Spirit!


On the days I have my coffee, I’m more awake in the start of my day, but today I woke myself up. Headphones are such a great invention, even when nothing is playing! I like my music all the way up, so I can’t hear myself singing. Got a bit of exercise and sweat by dancing, LOL.

So my coworker basically tried to tell me that without decorations pertaining to that certain holiday near, there really is no holiday. In this case, without christmas decorations, there is no christmas. How you decorate your house should have nothing to do with the way you celebrate a holiday. Holidays are about getting together with friends and family and spending quality time with one another. I will say though, sometimes decorations add to the excitement of the holiday for those not so happy. While at work yesterday, I saw a car with deer antlers on each side which I thought was cute, and a lot of decorated houses which look so much better at night.

I’ve had so much going on between work, doctors, meetings, etc, which is why I’ve been slacking. BUT keep posted, as each tab will be updated today!

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