Monday Mornings usually tire me excessively and sometimes I can’t even get outta bed. Coffee is definitely needed! Too bad I ain’t have any! I got up as if I did though, it seems as though mornings without it is starting to progress faster because the determination for the money is what keeps me going.

Y’all watched that video of the little boy being bullied? (Watch It Here) I can honestly say bullying has progressed from clothes and hair to medical and physical problems since I have grown. I participated in it and I’ve witnessed it 1st hand, so I know how it feels. Not a good feeling! What do you get from bullying somebody? We are all unique in our own different ways, and that’s what makes us special. There is no exact reason as to why people bully, can’t say anything specific because there could be a bunch of reasons such as attention and self-esteem, where as some do it just because not realizing what it does to the person. I’ve known of a few lost to suicide due to bullying. What if that happened to you? Just because you are going through something, you should never take it out on the next person, and just because you may feel “bigger” than someone else does not give you the reason to belittle the next person. You can fight? Congrats! You got money? Congrats! You got fresh clothes? Congrats! None of that gives you the opportunity to belittle someone else because they can’t do something or don’t have certain things. Remember where you came from and first started off at, and just as easy as you have it today, it can be gone tomorrow.

I’m very strongly disgusted with bullying period, but how it has gotten today is A LOT worse than it was years ago when I was younger. At about 6 years old I developed seborrheic eczema, A skin condition that causes scaly patches and red skin, mainly on the scalp. The treatment required medicine and for me to wear my hair out in an Afro uncombed and ungreased for two weeks. Talk about embarrassed! But it was a lot different as apposed to now, I got called a lot of names, and some didn’t want to touch me, “coodies”. If you or anyone else is being bullied, please, please, PLEASE speak up and speak out! What if the shoe was on the other foot, and it was you?

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