(A little late posting this, had a lot going on this week.)

I’ve never realized how much loosing someone you’ve never met could effect you until I sat and thought. Maybe certain things would’ve never happened if my Grandma was here. She was supposed to see me graduate high school, but she didn’t even get to see me step foot in preschool. That deeply affects me. I would like to wish my Grandma a Happy 21 year anniversary in heaven, I know she can see everything from there.

Keeping in touch and bonding with family has always been important to me. “Here today, gone tomorrow,” I value my loved ones. Which is why I can’t stand to see loved ones fighting with or disrespecting one another. I’m thankful for who I have now, and all who have helped me in my years of growing. I’m also thankful for my grandpa being able to witness all the high points in my life. I was able to meet my other grandma of whom passed when I was about four years old. How ironic is it that 17 years later I am living on the street she lived, and next door. I haven’t been on this street prior to 2014, so when  I first noticed, man the tears and memories it brought.

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