Sex vs. Making Love

I always mention how I’m not a morning person each time blogging for the most part. If it is not one of the main DJ’s in the house early am, then it’s the kids running around or getting ready for school. Try having a room near an exit, PAIN. People coming and going sound like there doing audio auditions for DMX, stomping in Timberland boots, LOL. No coffee, no tea, or hot chocolate, I’ve actually been working on promotions and the webpage all morning.

I mentioned before that I have an old soul for such a young age. What’s sex mean to you? What does making love mean to you? All humans and animals have sex, generally to take care of that sensation, but what does making love mean to you? It’s supposed to be a way to express your love through sex, yet today, people just take advantage of the feeling of having sex. It’s supposed to bring you closer to one another, can’t be out here sexing everybody. What attracts you? Muscles, a big butt? Times have gradually changed! Before, and still in some cases today, it was the mind and how you presented yourself. Remember in Love & Basketball, Monica & Quincy waited til after prom, they was like 17 or 18, correctly minded and patient. Completely different from now. What happened as time progressed?



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