Free Writing


( Jessica Hunter’s Free Write )

With creative minds, nothing is ever finished. Something could always be added to or corrected. Sometimes when writing poems or stories, it takes me days just to get through a verse or a page. I have begun a free write poem, just something expressing my thoughts that day, and connected it with (Wintertime-thru it all) instrumental. Attached you will find a link to the video (CLICK HERE! ). Please share, comment, like, etc, and don’t forget to keep up with all tabs!

All this time I been giving out what I wanted, searching but never found, my screams uttered no sound. My cries became fore silent, tears became more silent, fears became outta control, weed was the only way to hide it. Gotta read between the lines, no need for every detail. Everybody’s around during success, but what about when I failed? Several different highs, way too young for this shit. What’s the cause of it all? Years later, “You got this sis.” World full of people, yet I feel so alone. Cuz everybody’s doin’ this and that while I’m stuck at home. “She’s going to college,” they thought. Atleast I got my diploma, the right way with my class, can you say the same my brutha?

I was good just a few years back, back when I knew the real me. Had way more to be proud of , now I’m tryna remain strong for me. When my heart and mind work, they’re supposed to connect with eachother . One saying “This really what you want?”, the other “Damn I miss my brother.” Ain’t really get to meet him, but I’m sure we would’ve been tight. Would’ve never had to worry bout who to turn to when shit wasn’t right.

(I did not get to finish the poem because I starting rapping it and doing other things.)


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