It’s crazy how fast days turn into months, and months turn into years. It’s also crazy how progression has no time limit. Spent some time today laughing about highschool antics which seems as if just months back, which was actually years back. Where did time go? It’s great to hear that most of us have progressed happily in our own way, new jobs, moving across the state, and even starting a family. I guess maybe I’m stuck in 2014 still.

I was in the store yesterday though, and a man approached me by screaming “Aye you with the air maxes on.” Excuse me? What happened to “Excuse me Miss” or something of that nature? The way one speaks definitely says a lot, and I am very interested in the mind, deeply. I have a very mature mindset when it comes to the mind itself period. What does waking up at the same time each night mean to you? Some feel they are trying to be spoken to, others have a problem, etc. I told my cousin about how I wake up each morning around 3am & she acknowledged the fact that “It was because I had a broom in my room”. I’ve never even heard the story behind that little situation. Whatever or whoever it is, I’m tired! When I finally complete a mission, something else has to be done, this adult life is too much!

The right people have been watching, I literally just speak and write what comes to mind, this webpage is my world to do so. The support has been absolutely amazing, now we waiting for like Tyler Perry reach out to me. LOL. Blessings!

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