“Stop sleeping on Plainfield”

Ankles never cold, calf muscles hella strong. Phil gon’ ball all year-long. The hops this guy got is insane, with a guaranteed “swish” after that ball left his arms. Some switch sports along with the season, not my brother. Any basketball game taking place in or around Plainfield, the whole Plainfield is on his back because we all know what he’s about, #2eZ Kinda thing. Rare that he takes a loss, but will snatch a trophy up in a heartbeat, why the NBA ain’t heard about him yet?

Plainfield isn’t as bad as people make it seem. In fact, Plainfield isn’t credited enough for the amazing young rappers, photographers, writers, and athletes it holds. Everybody wanna be a rapper, but if we can’t feel your pain, like (Nook), what good is your rhyme in Plainfield? Check him out here:

This video doesn’t exist

And then there’s Kasi, definitely able to catch each moment of your life and the person’s behind you in one. He didn’t just stop at taking pictures of the little things, but the memories you don’t forget such as weddings, birthday parties, etc. Click here to view some of his talent!

New’s Years Eve? What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Remain humble, stand for what you believe and deserve. Worry about you and only you, you’ll get a lot done that way, a lot more success. The above artists haven’t given up on any of their work and look at how far they’ve come, never give up on a dream. “2018” sounds so weird to say, and so will “2032”. The world was supposed to end in 2012, but we’re still going strong!! Blessings and safety as we go into the New Year.

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