Stereotypes (01/02/2018)


When you take a step back from the world just to view what’s going on around you, you’d be surprised at who and what you see. I was with a friend who was “White”, as I am African American. We kept getting starred at with many stereotypes going through everyone’s head. Why is it “not normal”? Or just because situations happened elsewhere involving both skin colors doesn’t mean this is the case. Everybody isn’t the same.

Why do other stereotypes exist? Such as “black people steal”? I’ve been in a situation where I was actually in a store shopping and such, and “managers” in the store begin watching me and my friends so hard, as we felt it was due to our skin color, we tried speeding our process up to escape feeling uncomfortable. They were watching us so hard, that they hadn’t realized others had stolen from the store and of course they were a different race. The more people judge, the more difficult it becomes to break a stereotype which brings me back to being seen with my “white” friend. Anywhere my group of friends went, we were starred at, but the fact that we ignored that and continued to do us was also noticed as well. We both were affected in that stereotype.

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