Inspiration (01/03/2018)

I thought I had it bad at first, and that the world was crumbling down on me. I’ve met someone with a medical condition and symptoms worst than mine, yet still continue to smile. Talk about inspiration! 2017 wasn’t really my year, and being on so much medication and still having seizures doesn’t help either; but meeting someone with the same condition in fact worse, and still smiling did. Epilepsy and a reflex disorder causing hands and feet to swell, twitches, etc throughout the day, and who has defeated cancer. Compared to that, I have NOTHING! I’ve watched this person smile from day in to day out, even during episodes. I’ve watched this person do the most amazing deeds for people and Society, and it’s just like wowwwwwwww! That is such a blessing. I’m very thankful to have met/experienced such a situation so early in the year because it gives me faith and a very different insight on life. Always be thankful, shit really could be worse than what it really is and to see somebody who has it worse than me be so blessed is such an eye opener.

After experiencing such a thing, I believe this year is going to be nothing but blessings. 2017 ended kind of bad, but 2018 started off AMAZING and I am so loving it. I know I have been gone from the page for a bit, but I have been trying to experience new things to add and blog about such as Not Guilty Crew’s outings, and Phil’s jump shots, this weather, and new places I’ve been. Stay Tuned!

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