Just Thinking.

Just thinking…

What gave me the strength to push forward was the pain from previous situations. What made me who I am today is the things that I’ve been through. Who I am keeps changing because people keep taking advantage of who I’ve become while I’m missing who I was. It’s not so much love that’ll really stress your brains out, it’s the person. When you’ve opened up so deeply to someone and they know all of your flaws, people tend to take advantage of that forgetting who they are as a person, the things they’ve been through, and where they’ve come from.

I’ve seen a lot of love in life, I’ve also seen a lot of pain, but to feel both is such an experience. “With pain comes strength,” has really always stuck with me. I never understood what it meant to be loved and understood until someone finally didn’t understand me, and all the long, the person who didn’t understand me was myself. (If that makes any sense). If you aren’t comfortable with one situation or something isn’t doing right for you, and you see it, why aren’t you doing anything to change it for yourself? I tend to do that a lot.


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