Last night’s dream, tomorrow’s determination.

I had a dream lastnight that lead me to speak upon the following. Your partner is supposed to be your best friend, and a reflection of you. Love is about what truly makes you happy, when you can look into his/her eyes without saying a word and feel it in your stomach. I definitely believe high school love consisted of more love than today’s love, and for me that was just 4 years ago. Love went from holding hands in the hall, being late to class, going to the bathroom during class because you missed one another so bad, going to prom, to if being posted on Social media because that was a way of saying ya’ll together. It went from netflix and chill, to watch me play this videogame. It went from nicknaming eachother something crazy to “Bae, babe, or baby,” and be happy if you get that, one of the reasons why I don’t like being called my real name anymore.

Love ain’t about what’s/who’s there for you now, but more so who was there before, during hard times, and who plans to stick around when shit get harder. All that arguing every other day in today’s world is out the window. It was much easier than, then now. You’ve got to have a lot of patience for what goes on today. Everybody wasn’t raised with the same beliefs, understanding, or mentality as you and before. How you love someome is a reflection of who you are as a person, where you’ve come from, and how you were raised. I’ve dated the two types of guys before. One who had something major going for himself, and I was at every event to support, and I’ve also dated one who had something major for himself and blocked every inch of my support.

I don’t/never wanted anything from anybody’s success but my own, even when I’ve helped you. I don’t depend on anyone or anything but myself, because I’d never want anyone to say “You wouldn’t have that if it wasn’t for me.” BUT, if you’re good at something or so in love with someone, what good is the relationship without your lover being your bestfriend and being able to share such happiness? Watching someone succeed knowing you’re not a help, or there to celebrate with is such a trashy feeling..

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