Should I continue? (Free write Poem)

It was that red lipstick that caused him to insert himself into her incubator. She wasn’t ready for no children, not now, nor later. But that caveman acting man loved her so differently, thinking that giving her a baby would give him more power mentally.

Now it’s not just herself that she’s gotta make decisions for, it’s her and someone else. No joy could impair the pain she felt. Poor lil’ Erica, so young and on her own, nobody to vent to, yet all her friends had a phone. All they’d do is gossip if she told them what she who she was about to mold, so she kept her secret to herself, and put the world on hold.

*1 month later*

Twan was on the block scrapin’ up some change, when an all black car pulled up and said bring an eighth, I’m in the range.

Twan walked up handing rob a box of trident, Rob hopped out and was like “You have the right to remain silent.”

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