Everybody wants you to recycle and throw garbage in garbage cans so bad to make the world or their city look better, not realizing that either way it’s pollution. Watching the garbage man come take the garbage to the truck this morning and looking at the truck chew the garbage. We’re still polluting the air either way you look at it.

And people wonder how we get sick, it’s pollution everywhere. Ever ride down the street behind someone and some sort of smoke is coming from the back of their car? Prime example, someone had the idea of doing like 40 in a 25 on a street I was crossing, and the smoke was left in my eyes and face. Even when cooking, although it’s the smell of breakfast, lunch, or dinner being made on the stove smells good, but when frying, you’re polluting the air you breathe in the house. Killing down trees that provide habitat and food for birds and other animals as well as absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses; to use paper that we just throw on the ground. Even schools rarely use paper anymore, they have laptops.

Anyway, I kept looking over the poem written yesterday and thought about finishing it into a short story poem or something. I really fell in love with it as I was writing and it wasn’t even intentional, similar to and in the future inspired by Speaker Knockerz-Rico (triology). Stay tuned for more poems and blogs and such, as I add to each current story and tab.


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