Kids in today’s world.

Watching these kids progress as the decades go on is simply amazing. It went from back in the day uniforms and ties, the teachers were actually able to discipline the kids in a different form other than detention, and the kids were a lot more respectful. As time went on, kids begin telling teachers no, giving attitudes, and cursing during school, and not being penalized. Kids lost respect for adults, especially when they aren’t near home, a parent, or family member, they begin cursing up a storm and saying things I didn’t even know people still say.

As I sat outside waiting for my sister to come home, I listened faintly to the conversations and could hear “word as bond,” “on my mother,”  “sh*t,” “asshole,” you’d be surprised. I didn’t even know people still said “Word as bond,” that’s like when my Aunts and Uncles Era. These kids had to be like 13 years old!! I know I’m not that old (21), but things have changed so much then, and parents play a major role in the situations that occur. What you say around your child, has a huge affect on these things. Kids listen and pick up on things a lot easier than adults these days. I watched my six year old brother show his father how to download something, talk about progression?!

Kids pick up on anything, languages, dances, etc, all thanks to social media and television. I never really paid attention to the fact that tablets and tv shows speak so much. I remember watching Spongebob, and something was said that made me turn my head as if to say wtf?! Parents please watch what and who you keep your children around.

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