Funerals really aren’t the best thing. Seeing everyone all upset and saying good-bye to a loved one may truly be one of the hardest things in life. As always, they are meant to be a celebration of life, and you are not to worry because he/she is going home to be with the lord, something we will all do someday. I still don’t fully understand the difference between life and death, but everybody dies and not everybody lives.

Funerals and holidays never be the only time you see family because you never when the next time you’ll see eachother could be. And for me, it’s kinda crazy to be 21 years old and seeing people who look similar to me and wondering if we are related or not. Personally, I’d go and ask because I feel as though it is very important to know all family.

Went to my dad’s house one day and I was standing outside. I guess I look like him so much that all his family wo walked past me just knew we were related yellin out “Hey cuz,” “Hey lil Hec,” and they surely was right. Then it got to a point where I was telling him who he was and wasn’t related to. Family is important! Close or not, I love all of mine. And, family isn’t necessarily always only through the bloodstream, could be a friend you’ve been dealing with for years. Love em now, not trying to when they are gone.

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