Television has changed so much over the years, people barely watch it anymore. Before, television time was a major way of bonding with family for a short period of time, in fact, children weren’t even allowed to watch television for that long back then. Children were more encouraged to read a book or interact with family before watching tv. In today’s world, we sit and watch others argue and fight, and actually get some form of enjoyment from that. A lot different than before.

I’m not that young to remember “Sister, Sister,” “Smart Guy,” “Moesha,” “The Parkers,” and such, what happened to them? Shows that I sometimes didn’t understand the scenarios to, but I rushed home to watch. Interestingly enough, certain producers and actors are deciding to bring back certain shows. For example, “Full House” used to be one of my favs, and every since “Fuller House” came back on, I’ve been keeping up with it. It’s amazing to see how each actor/character has progressed. “The Nanny”, was also one of my favorite shows. I can’t describe why I love it so much, maybe because it was similar to “Different Strokes”. A reunion show is always a great idea, although it sometimes doesn’t feel the same watching a movie/show where an actor has passed away.

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