Black History Month

Officially known as Negro History week back in 1926 thanks to Carter G. Woodson, Happy Black History Month since 1976! There is never a month needed for me to personally celebrate my Ancestors, Inventors, and being black because I do so each day. But because we actually have a month dedicated to us, I will be very thankful. We are often hated or treated differently because of our skin color when we are all really cut from the same cloth.

In terms of celebrating Black History Month every product, every game, everybody, everything should be celebrating Black History Month because something that you use, have, or sell, you wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for an African American, but yet we are hated so much. Pshh, Leonard C. Bailey invented the folding bed. Sarah Boone invented the ironing board, and Henry Brown who invented a fire safe. Those are many things that we use today and don’t realize who it was invented by or with, all we care about is using it.

You should see the stares I get while being out with my “white” friend. What’s wrong with a friendship? The stereotypes in today’s world is very disgusting! Generally asking, if the hatred against African Americans was years ago, why are others still teaching their families to have that same hatred against blacks? I feel like that shouldn’t even be a bother, we’ve got worse things to worry about for the next few years. As the late James Brown would say, “I’m black and I’m proud”.

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