Expect the Unexpected ?

Ever notice how when you expect for something to happen a certain way, for the most part it does. Or when you’re so prepared for to walk out the door, but forget something? Why do they always say expect the unexpected? I know this sounds a bit weird, but when you don’t expect things, it seems as though better things happen, or ya day goes by a lot easier.

I know it sounds great to be prepared to for everything, but let’s just put this into a few scenarios. Always expecting something can stress yourself out. For example, just because your last relationship didn’t go well doesn’t mean your next one won’t. And in doing so, you protect yourself so well, that you block your blessings. Even with the weather, sometimes our forecast calls for a certain type of weather like a nice day, but it just so happens to rain. It’s always good to be prepared for something, but it’s also good to always expect the unexpected.

I was walking home one day, and granted I surely did need it in my pockets, but it was unexpected. Cold, rainy night, and I was rushing trying to get home, and I don’t know what made me look down, but I did. I thought I was dreaming seeing wet money on the ground, and wondering how nobody else saw it, very unexpected, but I grabbed it. Moral of the story is you just never know what is going to happen in life, anything can happen, take a chance, smile, take risks, do what you gotta do, you only live once.

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