A day in Bridgewater mall for an outfit and some bourbon chicken, my favorite meal! I could go to the mall just to eat and taste test, food is my first love. Finally a calm day where I can enjoy myself, and was still tired with all that running around. Paperwork and appointments have really taken over my life. Anyway, all week/month I’ve been seeing “Communication is key,” and how it’s affecting many people. It’s hard to not communicate about anything, like even your day. Communication is how you get to learn about someone, who they are as a person, what they need, and do and do not like. Believe it or not, communication is effective in our lives daily whether it be through speaking, sign language, or writing, it’s still communication.

Speaking of the mall today, my sister couldn’t decide if a certain shoe looked right with her dress, and I thought it did, but you know how when sometimes you just need another opinion for approval just to make sure? I asked the cashier, and usually when I do so, I explain to them that I’m going out, don’t be tryna have me out here looking all crazy, I need your opinion on this. He laughed, and agreed with the shoe. Then there was a store where we attended and the sales associate literally tried to sell us each item we looked at. Now, finding a job sometimes is very hard. You every wonder if some people aren’t as outgoing as others, and just do so for the money? It’s communication every where because at a point in time you will have to tell the sales associate what you do and don’t like.

Seeing the way people communicate is always interesting as well as watching the way they go about things and how they present their words. People don’t realize that says A LOT about you right off the bat. You know me, I’m just always thinking.

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