How do YOU trust?

Such a neat freak! When everything around me is clean and neat, I am a very happy person. I love being organized and I am a very time-oriented person. If you say 6:15, I’m ready by 6:13, not 6:30. It’s little things like that, that annoy me. Even staying organized and neat, I still loose something, or something comes up. Maybe it is easier finding something when the area is junky.

Anywho, I thought about “The word of the day,” which is Trust. We use this word as an action each day in so many ways and don’t really pay attention. Asking someone to pass you your phone, that’s you trusting that they will pass it to you and nothing else bad will happen. Trust ranges from things so very small, to things so very big. What gives you the ability to trust the way you do? The things that I’ve been through prevent me from trusting anything or anybody. I double check everything or make sure I know as much as I need to know so that NOBODY or NOTHING gets over on me.

Not trusting people has caused me to question everything around me, but that’s what happens when you’ve been around crazy things. It’s not so bad being very aware of your situations and surroundings, it’s actually great. Now, not being able to trust isn’t always a good thing, people just find a way to deal with it, but that changes you as a person. It locks you away from yourself sometimes, and block you from any blessings. By the time you actually start to trust in something/someone, it could potentially be too late.

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