It’s still Black History Month

Anytime a holiday comes up such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Valentines day for example, the world makes such a big deal. But too often we fail to realize what some months really mean to us as people. Now, I don’t know if it’s just me, but with the drag of the month of February, all that was majorly mentioned was Valentines day. Did everyone forget about Black History Month? It was blasted a few times in the beginning of the month and now? It seems as though February is taking forever to end anyway.

It’s not just Black History Month that doesn’t get much attention, it’s each month’s representation in general. I feel as though the only people supporting each month’s meaning are the people who have a connection with that month and representation, such as those with a form of sickness or survivor. I just feel as though we don’t pay attention to everyday during a month and every month during a year. To some, months don’t mean months, they are the only representation of who they are, or the only form of encouragement.

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