A cry for help.

Originally our mouths and body parts were a form of communication, that some don’t know how to use in terms of communication. We go through things that scare us away from who we are as a person into who we are not used to or don’t want to be, yet don’t know how to speak upon that. I’ve been in plenty situations where tears, and trying to “calm down” doesn’t work for that scenario. And now that I’m on all of this medication, given the side effects it makes me very emotional. Each of us have a different way of asking for help without necessarily “asking”. I’m still not used to going through this so I’ll say certain statements to a family member so that they can help me express my feelings verbally, where as keeping things bottled up could cause other actions.

I have a friend who is old enough to be adjusted to the simple things in life such as communication with friends, relationships with partners, and family. Because of the lack of attention growing up, pressure as a child to take care of siblings, and etc., he is unable to express himself as well verbally. Instead,  he may do other things like seclude himself from others, (A cry for help), and attempt to handle things on his own. Now, watching him around his guy friends as opposed to the person he is with his partner, TWO different personalities. One of those people who feel more comfortable having a good time around friends until any form of confrontation is brought up involving him, and he shuts down.

There are times where people do things like that because they actually don’t want to be bothered or don’t think any help offered will help due to past bad luck. There are also times where people are actually going through things and need someone to lean on. I’m composing this blog with hopes that others will become more careful and noticeable to people’s feelings because the feeling of being alone isn’t good. I actually felt as though I wasn’t cared about one day because I said something referring to my health, but didn’t fully describe the situation and how it affected me because I was in shock, but the person I tried speaking too didn’t understand how I was trying to deliver it. If you have not been in somebody’s shoes personally, you’ll never know how they personally feel.

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