Get checked out!

What could be minor to you in symptoms could be major to you in health. Too often we loose friends and family due to unnoticed health issues. A physical is not a hard process. Sometimes you may feel nothing, yet go for a physical and receive news you didn’t even know. That’s me! Waited too long for a check-up and found ovarian cysts.

Now, there were plenty of scenarios where a person would know that they were sick, and never mentioned it to any family member and just passed away. Things all of us could never understand, but definitely relate to. It hurts, bad, but I’ve learned a lot. We all are just living to die anyway, but some may not want to put the burden of their funeral or other expenses on their families. I have a friend with a condition that he wasn’t supposed to get through, yet made it through, but set up his funeral and such so his family wouldn’t have to do so. The thought of that hurts just as bad.

Now I always stress the fact of connecting with peers, and anyone you see going through something including yourself. I also always stress the fact that you are not alone! I stress this because it’s another thought as to why people might do the things that they do. My Grandma was sick, and told nobody, yet lived a very wonderful life until her time. As long as the family was happy, so was she. Breaking bad news is never good. No matter what, I urge you all to pray for your friends and family, even if things look well, PRAY!

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