Gangs & Gun Violence.

I’m very glad that I’m always down to listen to others, because maybe I can influence a better decision or a different route. To rep a color, a building, a city, is fine, but to rep it so hard to where we are killing each other isn’t okay. What is that doing for your life personally, bragging about guns and violence when there are also children in that area? How does any of that add to your success? Or potential in becoming a better person than the person you were the day before? It’s very said because some of the people seen bragging about such or interacting in such dangerous ways, have potential to actually be something. Something bigger and better, something useful to the world, themselves, and families. You know what I’ve also noticed? We complain about “THEM people killing us, or trying to take over.” Remember there was a point in time where we couldn’t even drink from the same fountain as others, and now we’re fighting each other over the dumbest things. We are supposed to be sticking with one another not going against one another. People complain about how certain opportunities aren’t given to us, but given the reputation we give ourselves, how could they? I’m not degrading my family, I love being black and the skin I’m in, and I’ll always stand for mine, but come on..

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