Never Get Too Comfortable


Never get too comfortable in any situation whether it be work, job, friendships, whatever, things change. In fact, it’s always good to have a back up plan for something. The other day, I heard a conversation about a female quitting her job because she felt as though she was being well taken care of by her boyfriend. Big NO! Even if that was the case, providing for yourself is very important at any given time you could be told to leave or break up and then what?

I guess I can see why/how “never get too comfortable,” and “always expect the unexpected” ties in. Got comfortable being a “house girl” that I started slacking on things that mattered the most to me like my web page. Now honestly, hard work does pay off and it doesn’t always happen so fast. I expected my website to take off, but not so much on the days that I wasn’t as into it. Turns out marketers and literary agents have finally contacted me.

Moving in silence is also an amazing feeling as well. You don’t always have to be the type to flaunt everything you have or every movement you make, that’s how it potentially gets snatched. Moving in silence allows many blessings to come through as well as prevents them from being blocked because all you’re worried about it yourself and nothing or nobody else. I guess you can say I have a fear of not being able to help others, and now that I’m realizing every situation can’t be helped, including some of my own, I’m GROWING through it. “With pain comes strength” tatted on my arm.

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