Weather dreaming.

I know this may sound strange, but are you ever around someone and would like to say something, yet don’t know how other’s would look at you? The other day it rained, and me and my cousin both complained of our backs hurting when it is going to rain, or is doing so, and my sister looked at me as if to say I was crazy. It sounds weird, it does, but it’s the truth. Rain is definitely the best sleep as well! It’s so soothing, so relaxing, just the sound of it, I could literally sleep all night.

Now that powerful wind we’ve been having for a while now, makes it hard to sleep because all these tree branches falling down, you don’t know what’s gonna hit your window, car, or house. Riding around town yesterday, I noticed a lot of trees down, and power outages and to think “How could a wind be so strong?”, wind could’ve probably pushed me to my relatives in Virginia. This weather is funny and how everyone’s body relates to it, is something completely different, some people don’t have symptoms of anything during certain weathers.

Another strange thing lately is to dream a scenario where you can’t be involved in the dream, but you definitely see it happening. What does that mean? I’ve actually had to read through a dream book elaborating what certain dreams mean. Dreams do speak, and maybe are our own way of predicting one another’s future and we just don’t realize it. Some people dream predicting tomorrow’s weather, like I did yesterday, others dream beyond you could imagine. Now, somewhere, I read that our dreams are actually only about 3-5 minutes long, it just seems as though it’s longer than that. Which is probably why we can barely remember our dreams during the day.

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