Being Snowed In

Being snowed in has a major affect on us all. The roads were terrible, trees and power lines were down, and that wind was TERRIBLE. Some wanted snow, so they didn’t have to attend work, others didn’t want it. First off, such heavy snow in March? It was amazing to spend such time with my family though. If i’m going to be snowed in, why not around the ones you loved? No cable turned into a night of memories and laughter. What a blizzard! I am thankful to be safe, yet don’t know what possessed me and my uncle to go out in such mess. Food did 😂. It was things here to eat, but he just had to want Chinese food. Here’s what happened to us on the way to the car, thank god nothing hit us or messed up anything. It actually fell on his truck and we had to lift it up, and back out. Getting your mail and packages is important and all, but I’m not driving nothing in nothing like that ever again. Cars sliding, tires rubbing, I prayed for us all. 🙏🏾

In other news, have you watched “My Garden”, posted in the last blog? I recently listened to a song and analyzed the lyrics, it’s so easy to put together, I’d probably try a beat myself.🤔

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