That snow!

I never realized how much my life depended on electricity and wifi until this past snow storm. Power lines were knocked down messing with cable, and now everyone is walking around with their phone glued in their hands. Sometimes, things like this happen and are meant to bring you and your loved ones closer as I explained in the previous blog, but now, I need my cable back on. I can’t be missing no more of my shows because they want to take forever fixing things. I will say this though, I’m more of a young mature female, with an old soul. So today, I watched “Good times”, ya’ll know wit Flo & James Evans, and I also watched “What’s happening”. It’s no better feeling than throwbacks to what you grew up on, and seeing how everything progressed since then. I’ve actually been watching DVD’s as apposed to cable, what a long way. I’m so used to going on demand and watching whatever!

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