“Life ain’t takin’ my joy!”

In life we are given many ups and downs. Situationships, financial issues, health issues, family/friend’s death, but with the faith and hope some of us have today, we don’t make it very far, or it’s HARD, excuse me. I know I’ve been through continuous things back to back these past couple of months, but so has Haji ! It’s not needed to say what she’s been through, as some may already know her story, but from what I’ve seen visually, you would never know. Now ofcourse I’ve had talks with her for advice and such, and her spirit itself is just an amazing vibe to be around, something that uplifts you.

I’ve also been looking at how she’s gained from the pain she’s been through, and showing it off. You only live once, and making yourself happy, using that happiness in a positive way will stretch you very far! Stress where?

The body is an amazing thing! How you perceive it is up to you. See looking at pictures of the body in such form doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a “hoe” for showing off your happiness. Your body is a representation of your personality, can’t you tell she’s amazing? Being as though her favorite color is blue, it adds a more calm, loving expression to her as a person. If you haven’t checked her out I strongly advise you to here CLICK HERE FOR HER WEBPAGE 💙

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