Telling me something?

Weird connections between the afterlife and the current life which tend to haunt us all in a way. I’ve always wondered what happens after one passes, or how they come to terms with their death. It might sound weird to say, but I think I finally found one of the main causes of my seizures.

I thought that I was going crazy seeing an all black figure in my peripheral when washing dishes, or cleaning up, one in which seemed so harmless. Tall, trench coat, weird hat kind of vision, that never came so close. It just stood and it’s presence gave off a scare. Now, aside from the fact of other medical issues, I actually thought about it. To seize means “to take hold of suddenly and forcibly”. Was there something trying to tell me something? Each time I seize just before it get’s too deep, in my mind I’m screaming, yet out loud no one can hear you. In comparison, when an entity is trying to connect with you, you will experience the same thing, or sleep paralysis.

I am always so deeply interested into analyzing every little thing and form of contact that I looked into it from that point of view, I am not saying that this is the cause of my seizures, but just a different thought.

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