It ain’t #2eZ for everyone on the court.

It’s a #2eZ thing when it comes to Phil Thorpe. Every bucket, every steal, my mans is definitely coming to kill. With height like that, it is impossible to miss a jump shot, a three pointer, or to not block your shot from the other side of the court. Do you not see his stats? Still playing ball, a way to relieve stress and whatever else is on your mind. The same way I write to ease my mind, in hopes of easing the minds of others to, is the same way Phil eases his mind when he shoots that three pointer, hearing that “swoosh” what better feeling is that? Should I call the NBA myself?


And they say Plainfield is this, Plainfield is that, we got more talent than ya’ll think and it ain’t “cuz we black”. Yeah those who are, we black and we proud, but why do we have to prove that to each other if we all are the same crowd for the most part? Let’s stay together and push one another to be better.

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