Talent just keeps rising!

Talent just keeps rising and rising especially from my boy JoHnni KobiYashi. The mind is what grabs me first in anybody friend or not, and a lot of the things he’s been through is in comparison to the way I express myself. It’s always great to have other mentally artistic people around you with. One of my favorite songs by him is The MentholBlues. I just love the flow of the beat first off, it was something that I could probably just bump to myself without any words. That’s how it all starts. But with JoHnni KobiYashi , he holds nothing back. With the vibe he gives off and the way he raps, you would think it’s you rapping who has been through whatever it is he’s rapping about. I guess through literature and music we all can at some point connect because the main reason for rapping/writing is because people don’t understand you, so you gotta show them the best way you know how, even if it’s just for you to understand yourself. (If that makes any sense).

Check my boy out via IG: JoHnni KobiYashi

via soundcloud: Johnni Kobiyashi

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