You gon’ always need Mom

Some of us have been blessed to have the most amazing relationship with our Mother, while some of us haven’t. Regardless of the situation, how do you think you got here? In some cases who cared for you growing up? Not that you asked to be here, but you surely are blessed to be here. Nobody said life would be easy, in some cases it gets hard, to where you need someone. You’re Mother is always gonna be the one to have love for you no matter what, and many of us are fortunate to be able to pick up the phone and call her, but do you?

Tomorrow’s never promised, there are people walking around still hurting after years of loosing there Mother, but she’s shining right on down on ’em. For those who have lost Mom, I pray you continue to push forward in the right direction. There are people who look up to you, people who want to be like you. I’ve seen many cases of people turning to Drugs and Alcohol because some don’t know how to deal with being away from or loosing Mom, that’s not the answer! I’ve seen some isolate themselves as well, but what does that do for you? Would Mom want that? In case nobody told you, you’re amazing, and Mom is always watching.

For those of you who lost contact with Mom or a family member due to arguments, misunderstandings, etc., I feel it is important that you reconnect with the person who went through hell just to get you in this world. Maybe you can’t live together, and that’s fine, but atleast you have contact with one another. Whoever said pregnancy was easy, they lied, it’s a process. Seeing your child grow up and doing certain things without you there as a Mom hurts, being a way from your child hurts.

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