We each have a name!

We all have a name that we prefer to be called and it’s not always by our ethnicity, sexuality, mentality, or height. Too often we only pay attention to the stereotypes based on ethnicity and sexuality, yet not mentality and height. Nobody’s “stupid”, some may have a harder time learning something than others, but that’s why we should help one another. My mom always taught me to never make fun of others regardless of their situation, because what if that was me you know?

Now I recently started watching a show featuring seven little people who were called “midgets”, instead of their real names. Some of us are short, and some of us are too tall, either way, we each have a name that we go by, and other names can be offensive. I thought the way Trent handled the situation was amazing by simply stopping the people yelling “the m word”, and stating the above basically. Great way to prove we are all the same, they are still human, and each have names.

I don’t care if your big or small, short or tall, straight or gay, we each have names! Bullying is never acceptable, and what’s the point of it? You know how it makes you feel, or a family member or friend, so why do it to someone else?

(Jessica Hunter)

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