Watching something fall.

Not everything is meant to stand so tall, but depending on how you take care of what that “everything” is, it will grow, it will prosper. For instance, as I stated in a poem before, the more you water a plant, the more it grows. When you don’t take care of it, it dies. Watching someone with so much potential slack off due to personal issues, or insecurity is very sad knowing you did everything you good to bring all spirits up and it doesn’t necessarily work. This is what I meant the other day by loving people from a distance sometimes. It may not be what we want but it’s sometimes what’s needed.

Looking around and noticing certain people loving me from a far put me in a huge state of independency and forced me to focus more on myself and the female I was becoming. I am always encouraging people because being independent isn’t always easy, it comes with a lot that makes you wanna quit, but that’s why you shouldn’t have rushed being an adult during school years. We each have potential for something, we just need hard work and dedication. You can’t just do something awesome one day and think that’s the only awesome thing your going to/have to do, NAH FAM. You gotta push til’ you can’t push no more, as a team, and/or by yourself.

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