Yeah you heard me, but did you understand?

There is a huge difference between listening to someone, and understanding them. Daily communication with one another requires understanding to an extent. For example, we each speak different languages, you could be speaking to someone in one language, while they understand another. There are many ways to interpret hearing vs understanding.

Typically the main issues with hearing vs understanding is a very broad topic. Ladies you know when you talking to bae about something and he going “uh huh, yeah, AYE REF THAT WAS A FOUL!”. Another famous relationship issue is when you one person feels some sort of way about something going on in the relationship, expressing their want for change, nobody fixes the issue, and now you’re single. Hearing someone and understanding plays a major role in our daily lives more than we could imagine. Even when being given directions on not to do something because it may cause “this”.

Actively listening is a form of caring, and not each time everyone will understand what you’re trying to say. Sometimes people are just there for an ear, someone to vent to. We all have been placed in situations in which one might not understand because they haven’t been in your shoes, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t listening. Did you hear that?

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