“I tried to warn yo ass”

It takes a while sometimes to realize where we fault and what’s best for us as people. Sometimes we need to realize things on our own, and you’d think after a certain amount of times, we’d learn our lesson. It’s always those who get tired of hearing you vent about the same situation continuously, and finally walk away. Those be the ones haha heehee when what they said was gonna happen actually happens, like “I told you, but you ain’t wanna listen, now look.” Yeah you told me, I ain’t wanna listen, I learned on my own, and now I’m doing even better. Sometimes the best person to vent to is yourself, use that as your motivation. We all aren’t the same, and as I said deal with things differently. It takes for the ones who care about you the most to sometimes back away from you for you to realize “okay, my loved ones are secluding themselves from me because….Maybe I really do need to do this.”

For instance, I watched a family try and tell their family member to stop with certain habits because they were affecting them as a person, and pulling the family apart. He didn’t listen, thinking he had control of himself until his wife took his kids and left. It took for situations like that to happen in order for her to get her life straight. When you care about the ones around you, you’ll definitely make that change. Everybody can’t help you in every way, and it’s not good to go telling your business to everyone because people use that against you, but you can only get help if you try, whatever it is.

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